Oakridge School District 76

"Schools and community partnering to prepare students for productive citizenship."

Oakridge School District 

The Oakridge School District serves the children of Oakridge, Westfir, and outlying areas. It consists of Oakridge Elementary, Oakridge Junior High, Westridge Alternative School and Oakridge High School. Oakridge High School has consistently been recognized by US News & World Report as one of the best high schools in the nation. On April 11, 2016 it was announced the OHS had again received a Silver Medal as one of the best schools in the Nation.  In 2013 OHS received a Silver Medal. Oakridge School District is on a four day (Monday through Thursday) school week.

The primary educational foundation is proficiency based education. In the Oakridge High School and the Oakridge Junior High students are only advanced based on demonstrated proficiency on national standards.

There are currently 536 students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. The District employs 31 certified teachers, five employees from Lane Educational Service District (LESD), 28 classified employees, two administrators and three confidential employees. The total annual operating budget is approximately $7,000,000 dollars.

The District operates a Chintimini Learning Center at OJSH which supports gifted education. The District uses a gifted education program which was modeled by the state of Oregon and is now required in all Oregon school districts.

Oakridge High School

Oakridge High School

Oakridge High School (OHS) serves approximately 170 students with 15 teachers. OHS is located on the same campus as Oakridge Junior High (OJH). The principal of Oakridge Junior Senior High School is Greg Chapman.

Oakridge High School has received national recognition by the US News and World Report magazine as being one of the best high schools in America. In 2011 the Oregon Department of Education awarded OHS the designation of “Outstanding,” which is seldom awarded to Oregon high schools.

The course offerings at OHS include seven Advanced Placement courses which prepares students for college credit equivalency testing. In other words, students at OHS have the opportunity to complete their first year of college, for free, while they are still in high school. Another unique offering at OHS is that students are required to take Personal Finance and two Careers Courses. This is another example of the spirit of OHS’s insight and progressiveness toward leading the way for students to be given the best educational experience in preparation for their future.

This year the high school has worked in cooperation with Lane Community College to award college credit to all students enrolled in our rigorous Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and Calculus course. The District also offers college credit and certification in Health Occupations (including no cost to student CNA certification and phlebotomy certification) as well as college programs in aquaculture science (including beginning and advanced scuba).

The high school maintains traditional conservative values while at the same time prides itself in empowering students to process adult decision making. Every student is expected to put forth their best effort.

Over the years, Oakridge High School has produced state champions in various sports. Some students have received sizeable scholarships toward college or university. OHS students are given an opportunity to participate in football, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, golf and track and field. There is a no cut policy which allows all students to experience athletics.

Oakridge Junior High

Oakridge Junior High

The Oakridge Junior High School (OJH) is located on the same campus as the high school. There are approximately 100 students.

The OJH has a requirement that is unique to most middle/junior high schools in Oregon: promotion to high school credit requirements is School Board policy. In order for students to be advanced to the high school, OJH students must successfully complete two years of instruction in science, mathematics, language arts and social studies. Additional classes must be successfully completed in health, fine arts (music and art), P.E., and electives. Students must successfully complete 12 credits of class before being considered for the rigors of an academically focused institution such as Oakridge High School.

The OJH and OHS staff is highly qualified in their teaching fields. These professional teachers are dedicated and committed to the students. As a small school, the staff cares for each student and maintains regular communication with parents to assure student success and working partnership. Other supports for the OJH and OHS students include a behavioral specialist, a school counselor and a teacher advisor system. Some students serve on Student Council and others are involved in Leadership classes. The Special Education Department supports students and families by providing individual education plans that meet the student’s needs along with communication and developing positive relationships with families.

Oakridge Elementary School

Oakridge Elementary School

The Principal at Oakridge Elementary School is Tiffany O’Donnell. The Oakridge Elementary School (OES) has an enrollment of approximately 300 students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade served by 17 teachers and approximately 15 classified staff. The school’s vision statement is “Learning Together Every Day.”

The OES staff has a strong support system for all students. Supplemental services include a part time reading coach, a school psychologist, a behavior specialist, a Speech and Language Pathologist and educational assistants. The staff is dedicated to providing students with a high quality education in a safe and respectful environment. The staff at OES engages in Professional Learning Communities to deliver instruction and lessons that are engaging, rigorous and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  OES staff is trained to use student data to increase student learning.

The school utilizes an RTI (“response to intervention”) program that identifies students who need extra time and support to help them achieve their learning goals. Each month a team of teachers and support staff, (EBISS) meet to assess student achievement and design interventions. Students who receive intervention programs are progress monitored at least twice a month to insure progress is being made towards learning goals. The EBISS team reports back to the school level Professional Leaning Communities, so that all staff members are involved in increasing student achievement.

The language arts/reading program is a research based proficiency curriculum and strategy model known as, “Success for All” (SFA). SFA provides coaching for six to eight days each year to ensure fidelity to the program. SFA reading tutoring is provided for all first graders and struggling students. Language Arts and Math curriculums have been aligned to the Common Core State Standards. OES houses both Head Start and EC Cares preschool programs. This has made the transition to the Full Day Kindergarten program very positive.

OES uses a Positive Behavior System to create a culture of empathy and respect. The three school wide behavioral expectations are, “Act Safe, Be Respectful, and Choose Responsibility.” Second Steps and the Good Behavior Game curriculums curriculum are used in classrooms to reinforce positive behavior. Each month students are honored at a Student of the Month assembly for demonstrating academic and behavioral growth.

OES provides parent nights on topics of interest to families as well as a yearly carnival, curriculum night, conferences twice a year and a Meet and Greet before the new year begins. OES believes that parents are an essential part of student success. Every year parent surveys indicate that parents and students are very happy with their educational experience at OES.  The comment received most often is that parents appreciate the caring staff at Oakridge Elementary.


The technology coordinator is Dennis Boyd. The District's Technology is supported by a Fiber Optic Network. Thanks to a “Last Mile Grant Program” the connection to the internet is also via a Fiber Network to Eugene.  The current computer/devices to student ratio is 1:1.

        The District implemented a 1:1 portable technology goal for students in grades 5-12. In other words, it is the District’s goal to provide every student in grades 5-12 an iPad that can be used at home when needed. Since 2012 the District as purchased over 400 devices for students and 30 teachers.