City of Oakridge

The City of Oakridge is dedicated to serving the community by providing a safe and secure place to work, live, and play.  Thanks to a highly trained and progressive police department, along with a handful of devoted volunteers, Oakridge’s low crime rate and neighborhood spirit provide a safe and secure atmosphere.

Oakridge Police Department is comprised of a Chief, a Deputy Chief, three (3) full time officers, five (5) fully trained reserve officers, four and a half (4.5) dispatchers, and Cadets.  We also have a K-9 Officer that works with the school, on patrol and mutual aid to other agencies.  The agency provides outstanding, year-round, twenty-four hour service to the Oakridge community as well as providing contracted services to the communities of Westfir and Lowell.  The department is committed to ongoing training, and is a member of the National Tactical Officer Association (NTOA).  Always looking to improve, the department recently added video cameras to all patrol and reserve cars to increase officer and public safety.

In addition to providing excellent police services to the area, the Oakridge Police Department involves itself in the community and is committed to promoting neighborhood spirit and police-community relationships.  The Oakridge Police Department also provides Crime Prevention tips and information.  The department is involved with local schools to provide a school resource officer to meet, greet, and educate the community’s youth.  The department is also involved in two separate community events that foster a safe and fun environment for kids.  One is the Fall Fun Night held annually on Halloween, and the other is National Night Out – which includes a BBQ, police programs, and a bike helmet give away.

Oakridge is also home to Oakridge Municipal Court.  Located in City Hall, Oakridge Municipal Court handles Ordinance Violations, Traffic Violations, Misdemeanors filed as Violations, truck-overload, truancy, and civil complaints.

Lane County Sheriff’s Department, Oregon State Police, and The United States Forest Service also provide limited police services to the area